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Our service

Our process

Bringing an idea to life may be a bit overwhelming. That's where we go. Our process begins with the design. After more than 10 years of comprehensive experience, we can turn any idea into reality. Our experienced design team will design a fully customized case to meet any application requirements of specific requirements. Once the design is approved, we will enter production.We inspect all production operations through strict quality control, and then deliver them to our customers. If any defects are found, we will check every case before arriving at the dock. Service is part of our business. We are proud of zero defect manufacturing.

We also provide punctual delivery, so you don't have to worry about backlog products, and you can focus on serving your customers. Our strategic warehousing keeps us agile and responds quickly to your needs. We can deliver your products and eliminate any logistics problems when you need them.

Logistics and service

In Hanyang, we understand that logistics and services are part of any project. We strive to provide customers with an unforgettable purchase experience, from design to delivery. Please be assured that due to our service and design team, your custom case will arrive punctually and without defects.

In Hanyang, service is an integral part of our business. Due to the complexity of the industry, we strive to simplify the process of our customers. We believe in a carefree process, because we know that your time is very important. Our logistics and manufacturing have become a science, so that our customers can rest assured. The design of quality, service and innovation drives everything we do.

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Quality Control

We are satisfied with our customers 100% satisfaction. Our impeccable quality control standard is the main contributor to our industry leaders in customizing case design and production. We are fully committed to providing you with no defect orders. In fact, if we find a defect in an order in our factory, we will manually inspect the whole production operation. We execute a military standard 105-E inspection protocol in all outbound production operations. Therefore, our defect rate is the lowest in the industry. We are proud to provide customers with no defect cases.

Our average customer relationship has been more than eight years, and we are proud of it. Our dedication to quality is one of the reasons why we maintain such a high customer retention rate. This is our commitment, our mission statement, and our pledge to every customer.

Quality. Service. Promise

We design, manufacture, and provide fully customized bags. But this is only half of what we provide in Hanyang. We have a domestic customer service and management team, and will be standing on your and our products after your first order has been placed for a long time. Our design and manufacturing technology will ensure that your case meets the strict requirements of the end user. Our customer service team will ensure that you receive the goods on time and have no defects.

Over the past 10 years, Hanyang has been creating customized bags and backpacks for market leaders in different industries.