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Our equipment 

In Hanyang, we know that quality is not just an end result, it’s a process. The Central Operations Office, which is responsible for quality control, procurement, project start-up coordination and production support,  is responsible for supervising the operation of the factory to ensure that all of our bags and backpacks are made to spec and deadlines are always met.

All of our manufacturing facilities are cutting-edge. We are always implementing new manufacturing processes that increase efficiency and quality. As a result, we are able to create innovative designs and use advanced manufacturing methods that give our customers a unique advantage. In addition, we ensure our facilities are practicing ethically and hold them to the same standards as a domestic supplier.

All of our production equipment are cutting-edge. We have been implementing new manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and quality. Therefore, we can create innovative designs and adopt advanced manufacturing methods to give our customers a unique advantage. In addition, we ensure that our facilities are morally executed and maintain the same standards as those of domestic suppliers.

For our design expertise and manufacturing capability, there are neither too many tasks nor too complex design. Not only can we give you a sample in 3 weeks or less, but we also carry out strict QC standards for all our goods. Besides, we have over 10 years of collective manufacturing experience. This reputation is an important reason for the retention rate of our customers over 8 years. Our team will work with you in every step of the process of design delivery.

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