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Bag Cleaning Method
- Jul 23, 2018 -

A, before cleaning the bag before soaking the water (water temperature below 30 degrees, soaking time is suitable), can make water deep in the fiber, first remove water soluble dirt, so the bag in cleaning can reduce the dosage of lotion, to achieve better washing effect;

B, ESQ are environmentally friendly hand dyed products, cleaning some of the normal phenomenon of fading, deep color fabric, please separate washing, to avoid pollution of other clothing, do not use (bleaching agent, phosphor, phosphorus) detergent, easy to harm cotton fabric;

C, after cleaning the bag do not use hand wring, hand wring the bag easy to deform, not using brush direct brushing, light kneading can, can be directly treated to the water to dry, dump the natural drying, avoid the sun, because the ultraviolet light faded, the use of natural drying methods, do not dry.

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