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what is waist pack?
- Nov 30, 2018 -
Waist Pack

Waist pack it is a kind of bag fixed at the waist, fanny pack is small in size, and the shape of the waist bag takes place on the original waist bag shape with the functional demand for the waist bag.

Change, the waist bag is often made of leather, synthetic fiber, printed denim face, etc., and the color of the waist bag is mostly colorless and colored.

Or have a colored gray. It can be used for travel or everyday life.

This is the bag that is attached to the waist. It is often referred to as personal income or all.

The fifth round of "Water Margin": "Lu Zhishen listened to four rumors, worshipped the elders, worshipped, wrapped his bags, pockets, belly bags, and hid the letters."

Lu Xun's "Pseudo-free Book · Irresponsible Tank Car": "But some people are stunned, lest they have to pay for their pockets and pay for tank donations."

Guo Moruo's "Hong Bo Qu" Chapter 8: "They have to take care of their pockets, not their heads!"


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