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What is a trolley bag
- Nov 16, 2018 -

There are two types of trolley bags, one is a one-piece trolley bag, and the other is a universal trolley bag.

Trolley bags are all connected

In 2014, a new universal trolley  school bag was launched. This trolley bag design is more user-friendly. It has the following advantages: 1. It is compatible with thousands of bags, and any bag can be turned into a trolley bag at the moment, and its own bag can be used. 2, imitate the movement of the human back bag, disassembly is not convenient, second loading and unloading; 3, very durable, life expectancy of up to 3-5 years; 4, the chassis is also metal square tube reinforcement;

The advantages of the trolley bag

The trolley school bag solves the burden caused by the heavy bag on the weak body of the child, and brings convenience to the child. Some of them are detachable, and can be used as a common bag or as a trolley bag to realize a dual-use, to a great extent. It has created convenience for children. Moreover, the quality of the trolley bag is very good, not only has waterproof function, but also is not easy to be deformed, very durable and has a service life of 3-5 years.

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