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What is a trolley bag?
- Oct 10, 2018 -

What is a trolley bag?

Trolley bag, backpack with drawbar, suitable for office and travel, highlighting temperament, fashionable and unique.

Chinese name defined backpack trolley bag with trolley suitable place out of office, travel characteristics highlight the temperament, fashionable and unique.

The function of the trolley bag

The trolley bag is also designed for the new generation of children aged 2-16, from the child's point of view, to create a favorite bag for children. Each child is provided with a beautiful and suitable school bag to create a colorful childhood for each child, providing each parent with a safe and secure guarantee. Apollo pirate, skateboard boy, skateboard girl, underwater princess, happy Boli, sunnyprincess, fashion barra, happy girl, naughty bear, hero boy, rock girl, sari witch, blue man, flying girl, KALY, MADEA, EAGLEHERO A series of cartoon characters with distinctive personality not only represent the innovative spirit of the brand's independent research and development, but also give us a good blessing to the children. The spirit of justice, courage, diligence and optimism advocated by cartoon characters and picture stories bring the spirit to the children. The edification on the.

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