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What is a lunch bag?
- Nov 02, 2018 -

What is a lunch bag?


The lunch bag is an outdoor picnic or a daily life. It is a kind of picnic bag for bags containing various foods and keeping the temperature and freshness of the food.

Fabric: Made of oxford or nylon fabric, strong and wear-resistant; equipped with waterproof rubber sole and anti-slip mat on the bottom.

Construction: The ice pack is an improved mini version of the ice pack. It has a smaller capacity than a traditional ice pack, and it is better to use a crisper to keep warm. Independent insulated food compartment, equipped with anti-pressure system, food storage is not squeezed.

Neri: The inside of the food compartment is made of aluminum foil, which is insulated by PE cotton and has a heat preservation function. Ice packs are tested by independent agencies in the United States and are environmentally safe and can be directly in contact with food.

Function: It adopts hot melt seamless bonding technology and has long holding time.

Portable, lightweight and stylish design, the food can be kept warm for a long time, easy to use, suitable for outdoor picnics and daily life (for example: can be used for white-collar workers to carry lunch, snacks to work or students to carry lunch, snacks to school. You can enjoy fresh at any time Food, but also to ensure health.)

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