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What is a business bag?
- Nov 20, 2018 -

What is a business bag?


The business bag is designed for business people and is suitable for the workplace or business. The business shape is simple and elegant, and the business card bag, mobile phone bag and pen insert structure are arranged in the bag.

Business bags can be divided into business computer bags, business trolley travel bags, business backpacks, business handbags and other packages. The business computer bag is equipped with anti-vibration board and computer compartment, which is professionally stored and protected. Business trolley travel special telescopic pull rod, can bear 25 kg, portable and practical. The business shoulder bag is humanized with a strap storage bag. After the strap is stored, it is more convenient to carry, and the function of shoulders or carrying is realized, which can meet the business and leisure appearance conversion.

[product category] business supplies.

[Fabric] Business bag is made of microfiber microfiber fabric, which is waterproof and wear resistant and not easily deformed.

[Function]: The business function of the intimate configuration enables the special items to be fixedly stored.

The business bag is also called a briefcase, which is usually a hand-held style or a bag style. More domestic men choose the style of the bag.

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