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Introduction of mountaineering bags
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Generally, the mountaineering bag is thin and thin, so that the bag is divided into two layers through the narrow terrain, and the middle is separated by a zipper interlayer, so it is very convenient to remove the articles. The backside of the backpack and the top can be tied up with tents and cushions, which virtually increases the volume of the backpack. There are also ice pick sets outside the backpack, which can be used to tie ice pickaxes and ski poles. What is most worth mentioning is the back structure of these knapsacks, with a lightweight aluminum frame supporting the bag. The back shape is designed according to the ergonomics, with a wide and thick backband. The shape uses the "S" design conforming to the body's physiological curve, and the chest belt that prevents the straps from slipping to both sides, so that the backpackers feel ten It is comfortable.

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