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How to judge the quality of the shoulder bag
- Oct 26, 2018 -

How to judge the quality of the shoulder bag


The grade and quality of the backpack are mainly determined from several aspects.

First, work. Every corner and pressure line is neat, there is no off-line and jumper phenomenon, each needle embroidery is very elegant, which is the standard of high technology.

Second, the material used for the shoulder bag is generally medium-biased with 1680D double-strand fabric, while 600D oxford cloth is a commonly used material. In addition, canvas, materials such as 190T and 210 are usually used for relatively simple beam pocket type backpacks.

Third, the back structure of the backpack directly determines the purpose and grade of the backpack. High-grade and outdoor mountaineering or military backpacks, the structure of the back is more complicated, at least six or more pearl cotton or EVA for breathable mats, and even aluminum. The back of the general backpack is a piece of pearl cotton of about 3MM for the breathable board. The simplest bag-type shoulder bag has no padding material except the material of the backpack itself.

In summary, the shoulder bag is mainly the best choice for leisure and outing hobbies. Different grades of shoulder bags are suitable for different occasions and will not be described here.

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