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How to distinguish travel backpacks and hiking backpacks
- Nov 01, 2018 -

How to distinguish travel backpacks and hiking backpacks


The difference between a travel backpack and a hiking backpack is: 

1 .travel backpack: the size of the backpack, the travel backpack is generally small (about 40-50L), and the travel backpack is only suitable for short trips of 2-3 days, so the backpack is relatively small, only used For loading daily changing clothes. 

2 .Trekking backpacks: Trekking backpacks are generally around 60L-80L. Depending on the weight bearing capacity of each person, buy backpacks of different sizes. 

3. Travel backpacks and hiking backpacks also depend on the backpack's carrying system. Travel backpacks basically do not have any carrying system, and the backpacking backpack's carrying system is particularly important. A good backpack's carrying system can effectively disperse the weight of the backpack for the body. Provides good comfort.

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