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How to clean the school bag
- Oct 18, 2018 -

How to clean the school bag

1, hand wash school bag

a. Soak the school bag in water before cleaning (water temperature is below 30 °C, soaking time is suitable for ten minutes), so that the water can penetrate into the fiber, first remove the water-soluble dirt, so that the bag can reduce the amount of lotion when cleaning. , to achieve better washing results;

b. ESQ are all environmentally friendly hand-dyed products. Some slight fading is normal during cleaning. Dark fabrics should be washed separately to avoid contamination of other clothes. Do not use detergents containing (bleach, fluoresce, phosphorus). Easy to damage cotton fiber;

c. Do not wring the bag after cleaning. The hand-wrapped bag is easy to be deformed. It can't be brushed directly with a brush. It can be lightly simmered. It can be directly drenched into the water and dried quickly. Sun, because the ultraviolet light is easy to cause fading, use natural drying method, do not dry.

2, machine wash school bag

a. When washing the washing machine, please pack the book into the laundry bag, put it into the washing machine (water temperature below 30 degrees), and use soft detergent (aqueous laundry liquid);

b. After the rinsing of the bag, the dehydration should not be too dry (about six or seven minutes). Take out the sputum and dry it naturally to avoid the sun. Because the ultraviolet ray is easy to cause fading, use the natural drying method and do not dry.

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