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Do i need a running backpack?
- Nov 29, 2018 -
Running Backpack

What is the most annoying thing when you run? I don't worry about the uncomfortable headphones, basically don't wear them, don't worry about the inaccurate monitoring of the watch. After all, the current sports watches are more reliable, in fact, the most annoying. . . Is it a mobile phone belt or not? . . Because without a mobile phone, I am afraid that I need to respond in time, and if I need to move the office, even the applw watch can not be fully realized. Well, how difficult it is to run on the mobile phone, I believe everyone knows. . . How to solve it? I recommend this storage running backpackfor everyone today.

Running store Whether you are running freely, or you are excited to fly, it is close-fitting, intimate, and not leaking. It is perfect like aunt's towel. Its main feature is to be docile, like a small sports vest, firmly attached to it. Back. Small items such as keys and mobile phones are put in, and they won't shake up and down with the running; even the cups can be stuffed into the shoulder straps for collection. Compared to hanging on your arm, don't look at the waist bag, running bag  it is very stable, and it looks cool too! So close to the body, of course, the material can also be assured, breathable waterproof no problem.

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